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Doosan Attends the NPCA Precast Show

Houston, TX (February, 2014) Doosan Industrial Vehicle America Corp. (DIVAC) made its debut at the National Precast Concrete Association’s (NPCA) Precast Show February 13 – 15, 2014 in Houston, TX. In its sixth year, The Precast Show provides precast, pre-stressed, and pipe producers with direct access to industry-related product suppliers and manufacturers, product demonstrations, plant tours, and educational programs. This year’s show included almost 200 exhibiting manufacturers and saw a steady flow of attendees during the event. A 36,000 lb. internal combustion D160 pneumatic truck was the focal piece of the DIVAC booth. This unit drew much attention and many wanted more information on the family of Doosan products.


Doosan WOWs at the Rental Show

Orlando, Florida (February, 2014). Last weeks’ American Rental Association trade show held in Orlando Florida, is the largest rental show in the county, routinely drawing crowds in excess of 10,000. Over 8,000 rental companies are represented by ARA, as well as over 1,000 manufacturers and suppliers. This year’s show featured over 675 exhibitions and attendance was at an all-time high. Doosan Industrial Vehicle America Corp. participated in the exhibition, alongside Doosan sister companies: Doosan Portable Power, Bobcat, and Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment. Together the Doosan brand was certainly in prominent display. Doosan Industrial Vehicle America Corp. had an impressive display of pneumatic trucks, including a D25S-7 with its newly launched G2 engine. This engine cuts exhaust emissions dramatically and offers increased fuel efficiency, while still supplying greater horsepower and torque than its previous version. Also on display was a dual fuel model G25P and a diesel powered D45, as well as our recently introduced walkie and walkie stacker electric trucks. The DIVAC booth was crowded with customers, eager to learn more about Doosan and its products as well as requesting quotations for immediate equipment needs.


Donation to Bo-Ra-Mae Orphanage

At the begging of March 2014, DIV made donations to the children’s orphanage at Bo-Ra-Mae. In support of the orphanage, Doosan donated toys, books, clothes and other small gifts to the children there. CW Park, CEO of Doosan Industrial Vehicle and DIV employee, donated second-hand products to the children and commented on how he wishes for DIV to continue to do more voluntary activity with the Bo-Ra-Mae orphanage.


Doosan Infracore’s Machine Tool received the Red Dot Design Award

oosan Infracore announced on March 24 that it has received a ‘Winner’ Award in Product Design of the Red Dot Design Award 2014 for its PUMA SMX series. The Red Dot Design Award is one of the world’s 3 most recognizing industrial design awards. It was the first Red Dot awarded to a Korean machine tool. One of the world’s three most prestigious design awards together with ‘iF’ (Germany) and ‘IDEA’ (the USA), the Red Dot Design Award 2014 evaluates products’ overall values in the aspect of creativity, practicality and eco-friendliness. The award has three categories: Product Design, Design Concept and Communication Design. Doosan Infracore previously received the Red Dot Design Award for its concept models of an excavator and a forklift.


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